Enterprise Value Creation - EVC™

Assessing, Forecasting and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value

Enterprise Value Creation (EVC™) Certification Holds The Key to Career Success!

Nothing helps you stand out and enhance your professional career like an Enterprise Value Creation (EVC™) Certification from Glomark-Governan –the world's leader in enteprise valuation.

Earning your EVC Foundation (EVCf), EVC Practitioner (EVCp), EVC Architect (EVCa), or EVC Master (EVCm) certification is a proven way to demonstrate your competence and ability to assess and measure your value contribution to an enterprise. 

The Glomark-Governan EVC training and certification is now available via a public and virtual format; allowing you to develop your value assessment skills overtime, at your own pace and schedule.


Virtual EVC Training & Certification Sessions

The Virtual EVC™ Training & Certification from Glomark-Governan allows professionals, managers and c-level executives to enhance and develop additional skills and competence for assessing, forecasting, measuring, and communicating the strategic and economic value created with existing or new investments in technogy inititiaves, services, solutions and assets, and/or the overall area or enterprise portfolio.

The following are the programs of the EVC Training & Certification portfolio that are offered as on-site and/or virtual sessions:

 » EVC Foundation (EVCf) 

     - The fundamental skills for asessing business needs, identify benefits and learning the EVC Principles of the Total Benefit of Opportunity (TBO™) model.  See agenda »

 » EVC Practitioner (EVCp)

     - Building the competence in building economic formulas for any benefit, and build a complete Business Case, including the Total Risk of Opportunty (TRO™), and Total Cost of Opportunity (TCO) models.

 » EVC Architect (EVCa)

     - Developing a Value Model strategy, and constructing EVC Templates, at the advanced level.

 » ValuingIT

      - Economic benefits quantification training for IT Managers, IT Leaders, Project Managers and PMO Directors.

 » Strategic Process-Based Value Selling (SPVS)

      - For sales professionals and channel partners that need to effectively communicate the value of their solutions. .

 » Services ROI  

      For Service Managers and Professionals in technology-oriented organizations.