Enterprise Value Creation - EVC™

Assessing, Forecasting and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value

ROI and Value Selling Programs

For Sales and Service Organizations

Since 1992 Glomark-Governan has been training sales and service professionals, managers and executives to communicate the ROI and economic value of their products, services and solutions to their customers.


The portfolio of training programs offered to technology and service providers are based on the Enterprise Value Creation (EVC) framework, which has been continuously improved since 1992.


The following programs are designed for sales and service organizations that want to maximize their sales process efficiency and achieve the highest possible closure-rate:

Strategic Process-Based Value Selling (SPVS)
A strategic and tactical methodology that teaches sales professionals how to determine specific value-oriented steps for each of the major phases of the sales process, to effectively position the economic and strategic value of their solution; including how to prepare and present a ROI or business case analysis for their clients. Ideal for companies that use ROI and business case tools in their sales process. Learn more >


Services ROI

Services ROI is for service managers or services sales professionals that need a methodology to present the ROI and economic value of support and professional services to their customers.   Learn more >

EVC Foundation

Teaches sales and service professionals and managers the principles of the Enterprise Value Creation (EVC) methodology, to able to interact and speak the language of C-level executives, such as CIOs, COOs and CFOs.  Learn more >


EVC Practitioner
Teaches sales and service professionals and managers how to prepare and present a “high-level” business case.  The program teaches the basic but essential financial metrics commonly used in business cases. Learn more >


EVC Architect
The program is designed for business case experts and business case template builders that need to learn how to easily and effectively prepare a complete business case or template from scratch.  The participants learn an effective how-to process, for benefits identification, assessment and quantification.  Learn more >