Enterprise Value Creation - EVC™

Assessing, Forecasting and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value

EVC Training Programs

Simple ROI tools are not enough to justify internal investment or communicate the value of your solutions.  A combination of robust tools and proven training will develop the business case development skills necessary to ensure success. 
Glomark-Governan has provided value creation, business case development, and value selling training programs to over 12,000 professionals around the world.  Glomark-Governan has learned what it takes to effectively assess, compare, measure, and communicate economic value creation.

The Glomark-Governan on-site EVC Training and Certification Programs have been designed by training professionals and are first-in-class! The programs include interactive exercises and workshops to maximize the learning process, and ensure that the participants practice the EVC Methodology in a role-play environment during the class.  Some of the programs are also conducted on a Virtual and Public format, on a regular schedule.

  Primary EVC Training & Certification Programs
The Primary EVC programs provide value creation and measurement skills at different levels – from basic skills to identify, quantify and measure benefits, to advanced skills for assessing economic risk at the business case expert level.

EVC Foundation 
Participants learn the key principles of the EVC methodology, and are able to make every-day decisions with a value creation approach, and using EVC in their business processes (i.e., project management, sales process, lead generation, operational excellence).  
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EVC Practitioner (EVCp™)
A trained and certified EVC Practitioner is capable of using and measuring value creation in any business process; and is able to participate, create, and present high-level EVC-based business cases.  
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EVC Architect (EVCa™)
The EVCa training and certification program prepare an individual to use Enterprise Value Creation in an analytical way, in order to determine ways to effectively measure operational, economic and strategic value. 
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EVC Master (EVCm™)
An individual certified as an EVCm is capable of creating, editing and presenting detailed, “expert-level,” EVC assessments; including advanced risk analyses, and comprehensive business cases, using Value Creation in process improvements; as well as advanced benefits’ quantifications and dependencies.  
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   Optional EVC Practice-Based Programs
The following training programs provide additional skills in other EVC Practice areas: 

For individuals that require skills and competence to effectively measure the actual value created in the enterprise, during and after implementation of a project or program.  
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For individuals involved in portfolio management that need skills and competence for comparing, ranking, and selecting new projects, programs, portfolios, and existing assets, using the Enterprise Value Creation Methodology.  The individuals trained in PortfolioValue are also able to define their enterprise approach and criteria for selecting projects using quantitative and qualitative indicators.  
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EVC Leader™
For director-level individuals responsible for implementing and managing an on-going Value Creation Program or Practice within the enterprise. 
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   Function Based EVC Training Programs
The following are complementary training programs that focus on a specific business function or process.  

Note: As a pre-requisite, in order to obtain training in any of the Function-Based programs, the participant must have at a minimum attended training at the EVC Foundation Level.

Teaches ways of assessing and quantifying the most common benefits realized inside an IT organization. 
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Strategic Process-Based Value Selling (SPVS) ™
For individuals involved in business-to-business selling, who need to present the value that their solutions and services create for their customers. The program teaches how to tactically use ROI and a business case to optimize the sales process, increasing the order close-rate. 
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For marketing professionals and executives that need to justify revenue generation initiatives; and use value creation to generate new leads for their enterprise and/or develop new markets and brands. 
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Services ROI™
For service professionals or managers that need to understand and present the value that service and support creates for internal or external customers.  
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For Procurement and Supply Chain Managers and Professionals that need to use value creation to manage the contract portfolio, compare and select vendors, and implement EVC as part of a RFP process in strategic sourcing.  
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For Product Development Managers, Product Managers, and individuals that need to create EVC Business Cases during the stages and gates of product development.   
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For business, sales and technology professionals that need to learn how to communicate the value that Outsourcing creates internally or externally for customers.  This program teaches why and how to justify Outsourcing initiatives from an economic point-of-view.  
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The program teaches specific examples of how streaming and improving the value chain and business processes result in various economic benefits, such as reductions in Fixed Costs (GS&A), Variable Costs (GoGS), and Cost Avoidance; as well as revenue increases and revenue protection.
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Teaches how to identify, assess, and quantify the benefits of innovation.  Participants learn how to forecast uncertainty and quantify an increase in revenue, or revenue protection, from innovation initiatives.
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Value Creation-Based Pricing
For individuals responsible for determining the pricing of products and services.  The program teaches how to determine a pricing strategy based on the value that a product, service or solution generates for clients.
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