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EVC Foundation (EVCf)™

The EVC Foundation course provides the participants the fundamental elements and principles of the Excellence in Value Creation (EVC) framework to identify the areas of the enterprise supply chain that need change and solutions for strategic transformation, in order to achieve the enterprise business objectives, and sustain and increase the company revenue.  The course introduces the enabling methods to determine the economic value of any solution, and to identify, quantify, measure, and realize the expected outcomes and benefits of new projects, programs, and portfolios.



The EVC Foundation Course & Certification program is designed for all leaders, professionals, and executives, including:


-  COOs, CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, CSOs, and all business area leaders.

-  Sales and marketing professionals and managers.

-  PMO and ePMO directors and project managers.

-  IT, DevOps, and digital transformation professionals. 

-  Business analysts, consultants, and enterprise architects.

-  Product managers and engineering leaders.

-  Value engineers, solution value experts, and value stream leaders.

- IT consultants, architects, and analysts.

-  Supply chain managers and shared-services professionals and executives.


At the end of the EVC Foundation (EVCf) class, the Participants have the option to become certified in EVC Foundation.   The certification exam will improve the participant’s resume for career enhancements and promotion opportunities.


The EVC Foundation Course & Certification program is the first level in the portfolio of EVC training and certification programs from Glomark-Governan.  The EVC Foundation is a requirement to attend any other EVC program from Glomark-Governan.

EVC Foundation Syllabus

I. Introduction to EVC
Presents why the changes in the business and technology enviroment requires a different and better approach for assessing and communicating the value created with solutions for internal and external customers.

II. Value Types
A Business Case goes beyond ROI. A business case must demonstrate value at all key levels in an organization, including the strategic, financial, economic, and operational value of a solution. These section present the key value types, and how they must be presented to key decision makers, and to all the necessary project stakeholders in order to realize the expected benefits and minimize resistance to change.

III. EVC Framework Introduction
This section presents the main components of the EVC Framework necessary to identify, assess, and demonstrate the value of an initiative, and get approval from the key decision makers.  The section also presents the stages and capabilities needed to assess, quantify, forecast, validate and measure the benefits, costs and risk with all the stakeholders and key decision makers.

IV. EVC Principles, Enabling Tools & Best Practices
This session is about 50% of the course content. It presents the fundamental EVC elements and enabling tools to identify the project benefits.

V. EVC Stakeholders roles
The capabilities and outcomes from any project need to be validated with the necessary stakeholders to ensure that the expected value from a project is realized. These session presents how to get the stakeholders, including benefactors, beneficiaries, and other constituencies, involved to validate the benefits and costs, and increase the probability of project success.

VI. Course Summary

VII. EVC Foundation (EVCf) Exam (Optional)