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Training & Certification

Since 1992 Glomark-Governan has trained over 15,000 professionals in value creation and business case development skills; in over 500 corporations, including many of the Fortune 100 companies

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Companies require different levels of business case assessments— from high-level business cases for evaluating the first stages of their processes, to comprehensive assessments with complex risk analyses.  The business cases are prepared and presented in different areas of their organizations, such as in sales, marketing, IT, project management, PMO, R&D, product development, operations, among other areas and processes. 

As a result of these varying needs, Glomark-Governan has developed an EVC Training & Certification program to provide users with different levels of EVC skills and competency.  The training and certification sessions can be conducted on-site in your facilities, or in a virtual and public forum. 

The EVC Training & Certification program provide training and certification on Enterprise Value Creation skills for any job function within an enterprise.

The EVC Training & Certification program from Glomark-Governan offers various courses and certification porgrams that provide competency around creating business cases and Busienss Value Plans (BVPs) based on the EVC Framework for internal or external customers; as well as managing portfolios with an EVC approach. 

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