EVC™ is Excellence in Value Creation

Solutions for Transforming and Optimizing the Customer Value Journey

The Genius® Suite of software tools from Glomark-Governan provides different levels of functionality for assessing, comparing and measuring economic value creation and risk.

From the simple Genius Base used by channel partners and resellers for selling value, to the advanced Genius Analyzer used by business case experts, the Genius tools provide a wide range of features that fulfill different Users’ needs for practicing the EVC Methodology from Glomark-Governan.

The Genius suite includes:

Genius Base for business case reviewers and channel partners »

Genius Plus for sales professionals »

Genius Pro for EVC template and business case builders

Genius Analyzer for business case experts performing advanced risk analyses

Genius Compare for comparing, prioritizing and selecting projects

Genius Track for measuring ROI and EVC during and after a project implementation

There are other tools —such as Interactive ROI White Papers, and Web-Lead ROI Calculators—designed for lead generation, also available from Glomark-Governan.

For more information on any of the Genius tools available from Glomark-Governan, please click on the menu to the left or contact us at sales@governan.com

Genius Screens - Glomark-Governan