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» Activity-Based Costing (ABC)

Services ROI™

The value of service and support programs and agreements tends to be seen as intangible by many people; and service managers and services sales representatives often struggle to explain the economic value derived from their service programs.

The Services ROI program teaches how to quantify the different types of benefits realized from traditional support, maintenance, value-added and professional services; such as benefits from better projects, maintaining and increasing business results, and maintaining and extending assets’ life. 

Services ROI
was the first training program developed by Glomark-Governan, and was introduced to the market in 1992.  Since then, over 4,000 service professionals around the world have attended Services ROI. 

The program, which is second-to-none, uses a very unique copyright © visual approach to services value that has been rated as the best method to communicate services value by some of the largest IT service providers in the world.

Services ROI is also ideal for companies that want to move their services organization from a "break and fix" culture, to a "proactive value-added services" approach.

Services ROI
can be conducted on-site, in a two-day program with multiple exercises and role plays.  A condensed four-hour virtual program is also offered in a public format. 

Who should attend?  For individuals and managers that need to understand and present the value that service and support creates for internal or external customers such as field service managers, service technicians, services professionals, and service executive and vice presidents.