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New IT Valuation Maturity Assessment Service Launched by Glomark-Governan

Dublin, Ohio, November 18, 2009.  Glomark-Governan is pleased to launch a new service, the IT EVCmm Gap Analysis, for assessing the maturity of IT organizations’ economic valuation and measurement practices.

The IT EVCmm Gap Analysis from Glomark-Governan identifies your IT organization’s current level of competency and maturity with regard to your practice of evaluating, selecting, measuring, and tracking the economic and operational Enterprise value of current and prospective IT portfolios, programs, projects, and assets.

Using a five-level EVC maturity model (EVCmm™), Glomark-Governan consultants can objectively assess your IT organization’s level of maturity relative to best practices; and, provide recommendations to advance your IT organization’s economic valuation competency, process, and practice.

 Participating in the IT EVCmm Gap Analysis accomplishes two key objectives:

1. Assess and determine your IT organization’s current level of IT economic valuation maturity.

2. Provide a Gap Analysis with a high-level identification and recommendation of major areas of improvement in people, process, and technology, in order to achieve the desired level of IT EVC Maturity; and subsequently, communicate the value IT and business area projects or assets bring to the Enterprise.

Following a presentation given to the CIO and participants, your IT organization will receive a written report detailing your current level of maturity and the necessary functions and capabilities needed to improve your organization’s level of valuation maturity. 

As an additional service, Glomark-Glomark EVC Consulting Analysts can provide a detailed implementation blueprint with the necessary specific steps and elements to move your organization to each successive level of economic valuation maturity, using the Economic Value Creation (EVC) Methodology from Glomark-Governan as the foundation for the valuation practice.

For more information about how the IT EVCmm Assessment could impact your IT organization, please contact the Glomark-Governan Client Relationship Director near you by visiting www.glomark-governan.com.

Glomark-Governan helps enterprises around the world by providing them with the methodology, training, consulting and software tools necessary to assess, communicate and measure the economic value of investments in technology and services initiatives. Glomark-Governan has enhanced and refined its Economic Value Creation (EVC™) Methodology for more than a decade, bringing to market a proven, complete solution that allows companies to justify their solutions’ value, define operational and performance metrics, assess economic risk, and quickly create project-specific business cases. For more information, please visit www.glomark-governan.com or contact the Glomark-Governan headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, USA, at 614-761-2400.