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ROI Tools & ROI Selling Training Result in Increased Close Rates & Reductions in Sales Cycles

Dublin, Ohio, June 16th, 2009.  Glomark-Governan is pleased to announce the results of a recent sales benchmarking poll of its largest technology provider customers.  Glomark-Governan approached each customer to gather information about the results achieved from using key elements of Glomark-Governan EVC™ solutions in the customer’s sales process, including but not limited to: Genius® ROI tools, Economic Value Creation™ (EVC™) Methodology, EVC™ sales training, EVC consulting, and benchmarking research.  To protect the confidentiality of these customers, average benchmarking information is listed below without revealing specific customer names.

Sales Process Improvements (Benchmarks) with the use of the Glomark-Governan EVC Solutions include (averages):

-       Increase in closing rate: 29%

o    This is the percentage of increase in proposal-to-closing rate

-       Increase in access to CXOs:  31%

o    Including CIOs, COOs, and CFOs

-       Reduction in time to develop business cases:  57%

o    Including the time necessary to generate and configure final reports

-       Reduction in sales cycle:  28%

o    From need creation to closing

-       Increase in access to business case managers:  37%

o    Including marketing, sales, human resources, and manufacturing managers & executives

-       Reduction in percentage of discount

o    Percentage reduction in the rate of discount, not the actual percentage of discount

-       Increase in the number of benefits assessed:  30%

o    Additional benefits included in the business case due to the TBO™ model and Genius tool capabilities

-       Increase in the number of business cases presented:  54%

o    Includes the number of business cases presented to customers 

Many technology solution providers choose to engage with Glomark-Governan by adopting an internal practice of using Glomark-Governan Genius ROI Selling tools and aligning the EVC Selling Methodology with their current sales process.  Other technology solution providers prefer to partner with Glomark-Governan to outsource the creation, development, and presentation of solution specific business cases to their prospective customers.  Regardless of their preferred method of engagement, these companies realize the highest level of success when their sales organizations not only sell the technical features and functions of their solutions, but properly present the operational and economic value of their solutions.  

Glomark-Governan helps enterprises around the world by providing them with the methodology, training, benchmarking research, consulting and software tools necessary to assess, communicate and measure the economic value of investments in technology and services initiatives. Glomark-Governan has enhanced and refined its Economic Value Creation (EVC™) Methodology for more than a decade, bringing to market a proven, complete solution that allows companies to justify their solutions’ value, define operational and performance metrics, assess economic risk, and quickly create project-specific business cases. For more information, please visit www.glomark-governan.com or contact the Glomark-Governan headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, USA, at 614-761-2400.