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The Business Value of IT—Success of the EVC Leaders LinkedIn Group


Dublin, Ohio, January 19, 2009.   Glomark-Governan is pleased to announce the continued success of its LinkedIn discussion forum, “EVC Leaders—Practitioners of IT Economic Value Creation.” In just over two months since its inception, the group now has over 1,500 CIOs, CTOs, IT Executives, and IT Managers discussing and sharing experiences around assessing and measuring the economic value of IT in 27+ discussion threads.


This forum provides an open venue for a qualified group of IT executives and professionals to discuss issues and best practices around assessing and measuring the economic value of IT; as well as for professionals that have been trained in Glomark-Governan’s Economic Value Creation™ (EVC™) Methodology and Genius® software tools.   Members can post new discussions, comment on existing topics, and share best practices from their experiences.   Tips, suggestions, and summaries of best practices are also shared by Glomark-Governan EVC Consulting Analysts.


Glomark-Governan would like to invite all CIOs, CTOs, IT executives, and IT Managers in the “IT end user community” to join the “EVC Leaders–Practitioners of IT Economic Value Creation” group and forum in LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/933497). 


Glomark-Governan helps enterprises around the world by providing them with the methodology, training, consulting, benchmarking research, and software tools necessary to assess, communicate and measure the economic value of investments in technology and services initiatives.  Glomark-Governan has enhanced and refined its Economic Value Creation (EVC™) Methodology for more than a decade, bringing to market a proven, complete solution that allows companies to justify their solutions’ value, define operational and performance metrics, assess economic risk, and quickly create project-specific business cases.  For more information, please visit www.glomark-governan.com or contact the Glomark-Governan headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, USA, at 614-761-2400.