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Genius Base

Genius® Base is designed for sales people, channel partners and resellers that want to demonstrate the ROI and economic value of their solutions to their current and perspective customers. 

Using EVC Templates (preconfigured business case models) the User can change the value of any assumptions, select or deselect benefits and costs, and in minutes generate a business case for a client. 
Prior to deploying Genius Base to your sales force, Glomark-Governan Consultants can help you develop EVC Templates (using Genius Pro) for your products and/or services.

With pre-configured EVC Templates, your sales and service professionals can prepare an objective Business Case for any of your clients in minutes.

Once an EVC Template is built, the sales professional must simply collect a few data facts from your clients that are used as “assumptions” in Genius Base.

The sales representative can then choose as few as one, or as many as all, section(s) of the report, depending on the specific needs of the sales process.  For example: If the sales person is in the “Needs Identification” phase, they can use the list of operational and measurable benefits to better explain the advantages of your solution to the client.
We encourage you to talk to a current Glomark-Governan Genius Base User to learn more about how quickly you can develop EVC Business Cases from EVC Templates to justify the economic value of your solutions.

· Designed specifically for sales professionals

· Business Cases generated contain
an objective Economic Value Creation assessment for each benefit, not just ROI (Return-on-Investment) measures

·  Client data is organized in “Required” and “Optional” areas to simplify data collection and reduce time required to generate the Business Case

· The EVC Methodology demonstrates the impact of assumptions in the business and technical areas of the business case

· The life cycle of the Business Case can be adjusted from 1 to 6 years, ensuring the TBO, TCO and all other financial measures are reported accurately for the selected number of years

· Overview report graphs can be customized to meet each client’s specific needs 

· Business Case report content can be reinforced throughout all phases of the sales process, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the sales process

· Users are not required to have expert knowledge of quantification and ROI to effectively use this tool

· Client data can be both prepared in advance, and adjusted on-site, to maximize time spent with clients, while providing the flexibility of encouraged client participation

· Customized graphs enhance the quality of the report

· Enables more objective communication with executive decision makers

· Permits both the presentation of an objective value creation analysis for the client, and an explanation of the technical features of the solution

· Demonstrates to the client the potential risks and economic impact of not investing in a proposed project or initiative

· Easy “what-if” and sensitivity analyses can be conducted in real time with clients during proposal and Business Case presentations