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Portfolio Value Management

Project management, research, engineering, and product development organizations must utilize an effective methodology, and supporting tools, to prepare business cases that forecast and measure the benefits, costs, and risks of a proposed project or
new product.  Glomark-Governan’s Enterprise Value Creation™ Methodology delivers valuable, thought-provoking, economic analyses throughout each step of a company’s portfolio management or stages and gates process.

Working with a global client base of over 300 organizations, Glomark-Governan has identified best practices for creating business cases in stages and gates, and portfolio management processes.

Using Enterprise Value Creation Templates, Glomark-Governan Genius® tools can assist in rapidly building simple business cases in stage 1 (at the idea concept), to determine if an idea could be financially feasible for a company.  Would the idea, for example, generate a positive cash flow with a new product in existing or new markets? 

When ideas move to stage 2, more detailed business cases are necessary.  At this level, Glomark-Governan tools can generate an objective business case, including scenarios analyses (worst, most likely and best case), to assist executives in determining if the idea should “move forward” to the development process.   Once a product moves through the following stages and gates, a detailed and complete business case, which contains a risk analysis, must be conducted prior to the product’s launch.

Glomark-Governan believes that building a better business case is not a one-step process in the stages and gates, and portfolio management process.  Glomark-Governan has found that companies who develop a business case throughout each stage, from beginning to the end, of the product development process achieved the highest economic return after launch. 

The tools and consulting services offered by Glomark-Governan can assist your organization in building effective and compelling business cases, which include risk analyses in your R&D, project development, and portfolio management processes.

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