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Business Case Practice Solutions

Business cases are created in all areas and departments of an enterprise; however, most companies do not have the necessary tools, training, and methodology to consistently develop objective business cases.

The Glomark-Governan EVC Methodology was developed to provide an effective process to create objective, consistent business cases.  From benefits’ identification to risk assessment and strategic alignment, the EVC Methodology includes all the elements necessary to conduct objective value assessments and business case justifications.

Glomark-Governan consultants can help you develop an internal business case practice using the EVC Methodology and the Glomark-Governan Genius tools. 

You can also outsource your business case practice to Glomark-Governan consultants to avoid training and managing internal ROI experts; or partially outsource your business case process to Glomark-Governan to serve as third party experts in the development and presentation of high priority investments or solutions.