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Comparing, ranking and selecting projects and programs often is a challenge for business and technology executives.  When it comes to the reasons to select one project versus another, it is not uncommon to see different approaches between the different parties involved (i.e., finance, IT, operations, H.R.), and the problem resides in the fact that most companies do not have a clear model defined for comparing and ranking new projects and investment initiatives.

Additionally, enterprises have a unique set of circumstances that forces them to use a custom approach to selecting projects.  For example, a company that has a strong balance sheet with good cash reserves and a growing market should use a different approach to selecting projects than a company that is low in current assets.  Another example is a company that operates with a very small gross margin (i.e., distribution companies) needs a different criterion in their selection model than a company with a high gross margin (i.e., software companies).

The PortfolioValue program is designed for executives, directors, portfolio management professionals, and anyone that needs skills and competence to effectively compare, rank, and select new projects, programs, and portfolios using the EVC Methodology.  The individuals trained in PortfolioValue are able to define their enterprise approach and criterion for selecting projects using quantitative (i.e., NPV, IRR, etc.) and qualitative (i.e., risk, strategic alignment, etc.) indicators.

Who should attend?
 Designed for value-program leaders, PMO managers, technology and business unit executives, and anyone that needs to learn how to effectively rank and select projects.