Excellence in Value Creation - EVC™

Identifying, Communicating, and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value


Primary Programs: 
» EVC Foundation
» EVC Practitioner
» EVC Architect
» EVC Master


Practice-Based Programs:
» ValueMeasurement
» EVC Portfolio
» EVC Leader


EVC Master (EVCm™)

The EVC Master program prepares an individual to become an expert in Enterprise Value Creation. The additional skills developed in the EVCm program enable the individual to:

- Define benefit dependencies
- Determine advanced formula quantifications (i.e., using “If conditions”)
- Assess the value-impact of projects and initiatives on process improvements and operational excellence
- Perform advanced risk analyses with a Monte Carlo simulation

NoteThe Monte Carlo simulation tool (Genius Analyzer) is not part of the EVC Master program fee.

The EVC Master program is conducted on a one-on-one basis, with pre-course assignments.

EVC Master
includes the following training modules:
 Process Value Management
 Risk Statistical Analysis (Monte Carlo Simulation)
 Advanced Financial Analysis

Individuals that attend EVC Master are able to practice, measure and communicate EVC at the “expert and statistical level”.

Who should attend?
  Business case experts, value measurement professionals, six-sigma certified professionals, experts in lean manufacturing, and anyone that wants to practice EVC at an expert level.