Enterprise Value Creation - EVC™

Assessing, Forecasting and Enabling Economic and Strategic Value


Primary Programs: 
» EVC Foundation
» EVC Practitioner
» EVC Architect
» EVC Master


Practice-Based Programs:
» ValueMeasurement
» EVC Portfolio
» EVC Leader


EVC Architect (EVCa™)

The EVCa training and certification program prepare an individual to use EVC in an advanced and analytical way, in order to quantify value (i.e., determine benefit formulas), determine ways to effectively and practically measure operational economic and strategic value and risk; as well as to present “complete” EVC-based business cases and create EVC templates from scratch.  

Individuals with an EVCa certification can identify, assess quantify and forecast benefits, including the logic for determining “means of quantification”, linking of benefits’ OPIs and KPIs to improvements in P&L and the balance sheet. They also achieve a thorough understanding of benefits and costs related to Assets, such as depreciation and amortization. 

EVC Architect includes the following training modules:

 Value Creation Causes and Effects

 Quantifying Intangible  Benefits

 Advanced Benefits Quantification

 Risk Dependencies Analysis

 Forecasting Uncertainty

 Impact on Balance Sheet

 Strategy & Transformation Realization

Individuals that attend EVC Architect are able to practice, measure and communicate EVC at the “analytical and comprehensive level”.

Who should attend?  EVCa is ideal for Project Managers, Solution Architects, Business Case Builders, Analysts, PMO team members, Marketing Managers, Operational Managers, and all managers with budget responsibility.