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Certified Value Selling Professional™ (CVSP) 

Value selling is nothing new—during the last two decades sales executives have been looking for ways to enable their sales organizations to better present the value of their products, services, and solutions to their clients.  However, only a few sales organizations effectively sell value at all levels in a customer organization.

Certified Value Selling Professional, or CVSP™ teaches how to effectively communicate the value of solutions at all levels within an organization—including C-level executives.  From technical value to strategic value, CVSP teaches how to sell value to anyone.   


CVSP participants learn how to use the content of a business case to optimize each phase of the sales process.  The result is an increase in access to c-level executives, and an improvement in the order close-rate.  Thousands of B2B sales professionals around the world have been using the Glomark-Governan approach for value selling.


This course was launched by Glomark-Governan in 1995 as Process-Based Value Selling (PBVS), and when version 4 of the EVC Framework was introduced to the market in 2019, the course was enhanced and became Certified Value Selling Professional (CVSP).


Contact us at information@governan.com to receive a copy of the course syllabus.

Certified Value Selling Strategist ™ (CVSS) 



This course was launched in 1993 as the Process-Based Value Selling (PBVS) course, and when version 4 of the EVC Framework was introduced to the market in 2020, the course was enhanced and became Certified Value Selling Strategist (CVSS). 


Certified Value Selling Strategist, or CVSS, teach how to develop a Value Selling Strategy based on an account political, organizational, and competitive environment; as well as how to define the best Value Selling Tactics – such as types of economic benefits, ROI, metrics, and various elements of a business case– to rapidly advance in each phase of the sales process.  The result is an increase in access to c-level executives, and an increase in the order close-rate. 


Special focus of the CVSS course is on the assessment of the customer’s needs, and complexity of their buying process.


In CVSS participants learn how to present value at all levels of an organization—from the technical teams to the CEO and CFO—and how to present their solution with a sense of urgency.


CVSS is also highly recommended for companies that already use ROI and business case tools, and that want to achieve a higher utilization of their value selling tools.


Who should attend?  

For individuals involved in business-to-business selling, such as Account Managers, field and inside Sales Professionals, Solution Architects, Pre-Sale Consultants, Sales Managers, and Sales VPs, who need to present the economic and strategic value that solutions and services create for their customers.

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