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Are DevOps and ITSM Enough for Customer Success?

If we ask a CIO or an IT professional, the answer most likely will be ‘Yes’; but if we ask a business area executive —like a CMO, CFO, VP of Sales, VP of Customer Success, or CHRO— what would the answer be? Would he or she actually know what DevOps and ITSM is?


Both, DevOps and ITSM Frameworks, result in tremendous improvements in IT processes and capabilities.  IT organizations are more effective and mature when they implement DevOps and/or ITSM Frameworks.


DevOps, which is a cultural shift and collaboration between the IT development, operations and testing teams, lead to faster time-to-market, lower failure rate of software releases, shorter lead-times between fixes, and faster mean-time-to-recovery in the event of a new release crashing.


ITSM, or IT service management frameworks, help IT organizations implement a structured method, with the necessary capabilities, processes, strategy, and life-cycle approach to “IT” services.  Most enterprises that have implemented an ITSM framework are happy with the outcome.  Many have reduced considerable expenses, and improved the efficiency and quality of their IT services by implementing and adopting an ITSM framework.


However, are DevOps and ITIL, which are successful for managing IT processes, enough to make an enterprise meet the goals of each business area?


The main objectives of DevOps and ITSM are about improving IT; with primary focus on the “internal” customers.   Their attention is on internal SLAs, which are IT metrics and IT performance goals; but they do not provide the “how-to” identify the external customer needs, the degree of urgency for an opportunity or threat, and how-to quantify, forecast, and measure the final effects (benefits and KPIs) for the internal areas and the external customers.


Additionally, major enhancements in technology —like the Cloud, Analytics, Mobility, and the Internet-of-things (IoT)— are forcing enterprises to innovate and disrupt their processes; and IT is at the center and core of every business process transformation.   The structure and goals of IT organizations is changing; from just being a “service provider” to become a “strategic business enabler”.  ITSM and DevOps are indeed helping IT teams improve the way IT teams communicate and collaborate (internally), and improve the structure, quality and efficiencies of IT processes; but there has been a major gap between how IT collaborates and communicates with each of the business areas for “business value creation”.   Many IT initiatives succeed technologically, but many also fail from a business outcome perspective.


An emerging framework, EVC™ (Enterprise Value Creation), takes DevOps and ITSM frameworks to the next level.  EVC complements DevOps and ITSM frameworks; it doesn’t replace them.  EVC allows IT leaders and their teams, to understand the actual effects of IT services and IT initiatives on “sales, marketing, human resources, manufacturing, logistics, and financial goals and strategies” in a measurable and economic way.


EVC provides the how-to turn a business case into an actionable plan, where all the stakeholders (including the IT teams) proactively validate, participate, and communicate, to enable and sustain the “business outcomes” of IT.


EVC is not new, it has been continuously enhanced for 20+ years; but the recently released version 3 is structured to help IT teams better communicate and collaborate with internal and external customers.  EVC enables and sustains the “business and customer” benefits of IT assets, IT services and IT initiatives.


EVC makes IT people and managers “speak” the language of their customers.


Contact Glomark-Governan to learn more about the EVC Framework.

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