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Enhanced KPI-Based Valuation in Enterprise Value Creation Methodology

Dublin, Ohio, August 10, 2010.  Glomark-Governan, the world’s leader in Enterprise Value Creation or EVC™, is adding a KPI-based valuation approach to the EVC Practice Assurance program.

The EVC Practice Assurance enables individuals to effectively conduct Enterprise Value Creation assessments at any level—from creating simple business cases, to measuring the operational, economic and financial impact of complex programs and portfolios.

In addition to providing practitioners of EVC with the training, tools and advisory to effectively assess and communicate value creation, the EVC Practice Assurance program now also includes KPI-based templates for all industries; such as retail, manufacturing, insurance, financial, education and government sectors, among others.

Each industry EVC Template includes the most common KPIs—with benchmarking data from primary and secondary research conducted by Glomark-Governan EVC Consulting Analysts—and the means for quantifying operational and economic benefits, including the relevant formula with the data or assumptions needed to quantify an improvement in each of the KPIs available in the EVC Template.

“With the KPI-based EVC Templates Glomark-Governan customers can rapidly create an objective and complete business case for any initiative and project” says Michael Cely, Market EVC Analyst at Glomark-Governan.

“In addition to industry KPIs— which are the most important metrics in each industry— the EVC Practice Assurance program also includes functional EVC Templates with the most common OPIs, or Operational Performance Indicators. These templates can also be used to rapidly crate business cases with the impact from any initiative in functional areas such as sales, marketing, procurement, human resources, operations, IT and finance, among other functions in the enterprise”;  say Kelly Tatum, EVC Consulting Analyst at Glomark-Governan.  

Glomark-Governan helps enterprises around the world by providing them with the methodology, training, consulting, benchmarking research, and software tools necessary to assess, communicate and measure the value in the enterprise from investments in people, processes and technologies.  Glomark-Governan has enhanced and refined its Enterprise Value Creation (EVC™) Methodology for more than a decade, bringing to market a proven, complete value assessment approach that allows companies to justify their solutions’ value, define operational and key performance metrics, assess economic risk, and quickly create project-specific business cases.  For more information, please visit www.glomark-governan.com or contact the Glomark-Governan headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, USA, at 614-761-2400.