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“Using the Business Case Builder (BCB), which is how we have branded the Glomark-Governan ROI tool, has given our sales force a distinct methodology and a unique customer deliverable to help articulate the value of Siemens’ unified communications solutions.”
Alina Urdaneta
Vice President of Marketing, North America
Siemens Communications Inc.  
“Using the Glomark-Governan tool, Unisys consultants showed us that by migrating our existing development platform onto the Unisys ES7000 enterprise server as opposed to reengineering and rewriting our code, HHS would see about a five-to-one cost savings. This was pretty difficult to ignore. From a government standpoint, resources and cost dollars are always a major issue.”
Donald Rodgers
Systems Manager for Information Technology
HHS, Nassau Health and Human Services
"We were looking for a standard tool to avoid the individually created excel sheets because they were not ease to handle for our sales people. Using Genius Base it is a lot easier for our sales people now regardless of which product business case they do.  We do generic product business cases (templates) and colleagues all over the world can rapidly adapt it to their situations without too much effort."
Sandra StraBmair
Siemens Communications

“At first, we thought this was just a sales tool, but our philosophy has changed to better understand the customer's business. Now, we bring a business case to the table with the Glomark-Governan tools. We understand our customers' business better and that improves our ability to deliver and meet our customers' expectations – and, our win rates have been staggering!”
Chris Powell
Vice President of Sales
IDX (now GE)
"The Glomark-Governan Economic Value Creation Methodology, contained in the Genius Pro tool, has enabled ABB to leverage our key planning skills for both internal and external service projects. Internally, we use the Genius Pro tool to ensure we take into account all factors affecting a development project. We have also used the Glomark-Governan Economic Value Creation Methodology with our customers to support their investments in service related projects. The methodology and tool ensure that we have a consistent global approach in our service sales and service product deliveries."
Gordon Cheever
Business Development Manager
ABB Inc., Process Automation

“Glomark-Governan was instrumental in getting verbal approval through the first round of capital requests.  The work that Glomark-Governan did, not only with the business case preparation and presentation, but also making the customer feel comfortable with the methodology, take ownership of the numbers and process, was critical”
Brian Windsor
Microsoft Corporation

“The study that Glomark-Governan provided to the Microsoft Client was a key tool for us in helping us make significant traction with them.  The Client actually began to own the study, making it their data that they used internally to sell to their management. We wouldn't have been able to get through the first round without it”.
Eric S. Savoldi
Microsoft Corporation

“Glomark-Governan tools helped us improve our closure-rate by enabling us to effectively present the economic value of our solutions to our clients throughout various countries”.
Pat Morrin
Global Financial Services

“The participation of Glomark-Governan consultants in creating and presenting the Business Case was critical and of great value in closing a large IT infrastructure outsourcing deal”
Wade Hicks
Portfolio Client Executive
Unisys Corporation

“Glomark-Governan has continually demonstrated a level of professionalism and Customer focus, that I would consider a standard every company should be measured. Glomark-Governan’s development and focus in Value in defining tool sets that can not only improve any Service Business understanding but also clearly giving that Service Business a model to measure and track its overall economic  improvement investments. These tools are quite unique and Glomark-Governan was clearly a pioneer in their development. Working with Glomark-Governan for over 10 years, what I have found as one of the most contributing attributes during this time is their ability to take any situation and continually go that “extra mile” to fully understand my business requirements.”
Ernest A. Rakaczky
Director of Control System Security
Invensys Systems Inc.

“Glomark-Governan and its Genius Base and Genius Pro software has helped ABB prioritize and justify investments, improve revenue and profitability, improve service business management and overall company profile”.
Dave Biros
Vice President
ABB Full Service

"Glomark-Governan assisted our Liebert Global Services Company in selling the value of our professional services. Glomark-Governan’s training and counseling in Economic Value Based Selling launched Liebert Global Services into new services that successfully continue to satisfy customers today."
Robert M. Yopko

Former President
Liebert Global Services
"Today we have close to 100 Genius users, including middle and senior managers. All projects that exceed $20,000 that are summated for approval to Business Unit Directors and IT Managers, they must have a business case prepared with the Glomark-Governan Genius software."
Gustavo Benitez
Director of IT Planning and Control
Grupo Vitro

"The Glomark-Governan methodology adopted by Vitro, is a world class approach because in each project they are measuring the Total Cost of Ownership, Total Risk of Ownership, and the Total Benefit of Ownership"
Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group's
benchmarking study done for Grupo Vitro

"The risks of an unsatisfactory return on an ERP investment, whether in terms of capital expenditure, human resources or time, are too great in a marketplace that is increasingly intolerant to errors of judgment when it comes to business investments. Use of the Glomark-Governan Genius system reduces that risk by helping companies carefully and effectively plan and control their ERP projects."
Ralph E. Spitzen, CPIM, CIRM

"Today, all of our proposals on major projects include an economic analysis developed by NES personnel using the Glomark-Governan Genius. It has allowed us to easily differentiate NES from our competition; placing NES in a consultative position with our current and prospective clients."

Jim Fisher
Vice President
Newcome Electronic Systems