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Why EVC?

EVC is a superior, distinctive, and critical framework for leaders and organizations that want their enterprises to succeed in the digital economy and minimize value leakage during projects and portfolio management.   

Today, there are three major pain points and needs in the business world:


- The need for a “how-to” method to effectively identify, forecast, quantify and measure the benefits (tangible and intangible) of new initiatives and existing services, in economic and strategic terms; and in a structured, objective, and compelling way.
- The need for a “how-to” method to minimize Stakeholders’ resistance to change, for new initiatives; in order to enable the expected benefits during an initiative’s implementation, and sustain the benefits throughout the operational life-cycle of the assets and services provided by the initiative. 

- The need for a “how-to” approach to go beyond a Business Case, and enable all the Stakeholders—  including the initiative Benefactors (i.e., IT development and operational teams) and the Beneficiaries (i.e., business areas)— to effectively communicate and collaborate in the realization and sustainment of the benefits forecasted with new initiatives.


The EVC Framework v4 is the solution to these needs.

About EVC


EVC provides the necessary skills —and how-to methods— to identify the enterprise needs, opportunities, and threats; and enable leaders and professionals to focus on finding the best solutions for improvement, innovation, and digital transformation to reach and sustain the enterprise strategic goals.


With EVC, teams can economically quantify benefits, create superior and dynamic capabilities, and achieve better outcomes from all programs, projects, services, and products—including agile, waterfall, and transformation initiatives!


More than 15,000 business and technology professionals and executives around the world are using EVC.



EVC is a framework that enables Excellence in Value Creation with projects, strategic initiatives, and continual improvement, by providing EVC Principles, and EVC Enabling Tools (models, methods and best practices) that can be adopted and adapted for all areas and departments of an enterprise.


Designed for the digital age, EVC v4 provides the “how-to”:

  • Effectively identify and define the needs of internal and external customers, in all business areas.
  • Determine the risk for new initiatives.
  • Forecast the tangible and intangible benefits of innovation and digital transformation initiatives.
  • Define an effetive strategy for each initiative.
  • Validate and measure all of the economic and strategic benefits for any initiative.
  • Create a dynamic culture of proactive collaboration.
  • Identify the necessary metrics (i.e., SLAs and KPIs) for each project and initiative, to enable and sustain the expected benefits of each new asset and service.

EVC Enteprise Value Creation
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