EVC™ is Excellence in Value Creation

Solutions for Transforming and Optimizing the Customer Value Journey

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Our Enterprise Value Creation (EVC™) Framework helps organizations around the world to assess, forecast, measure, communicate and realize the value created with people, processes, data, and technologies.


The EVC Framework —a second-to-none enterprise value management (EVM) system—allows each and every executive, manager, and teams in an enterprise to assess the economic and strategic value created internally, and externally, for their clients.


The heart of the EVC Framework is the unique, expertly developed TBO™ model supported by tools for assessing the Total Benefit of Opportunity™ of new projects, and existing assets and services.  TBO provides a pragmatic and effective process for identifying, assessing, forecasting and quantifying benefits—a critical business practice, necessary to navigate today’s current market conditions.


Another key element of EVC is TRO™ --a model available through various tools for assessing Total Risk of Opportunity™.  With Glomark-Governan EVC framework and EVC enabling tools, your managers and employees can perform analyses ranging from simple risk analyses, including assessing the economic Risk-Of-No-Investing, to advanced statistical risk analyses for project and portfolio management.


Sales organizations, for example, use EVC and Glomark-Governan services and software solutions to improve their sales process, and communicate to their clients the value created with their solutions.  IT organizations also use EVC to turn business cases into actionable plans for value realization.


The EVC Framework enables organizational and technology change management, because executives can identify resistance to projects’ implementation before each project is approved.  In other words, EVC increases the probability that each solution, project, and initiative is successful from a business point-of-view.


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Ruben E. Melendez

President and CEO