EVC™ is Excellence in Value Creation

Solutions for Transforming and Optimizing the Customer Value Journey

Glomark-Governan is committed to helping companies and organizations around the world by providing them with the framework, training, consulting, research, and software necessary to assess, communicate,  measure and realize the economic value of investments in technology solutions and services initiatives.


Glomark-Governan has enhanced and refined its Enterprise Value Creation™ (EVC™) framework for more than a twenty years, bringing to market a proven, complete method that allows companies to justify their solutions’ value, define operational and performance metrics, assess economic risk, and quickly create project-specific business cases.


Founded in 1992, and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Glomark-Governan has a global client reach that includes over 300 corporations around the world.

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A History of Innovation in Assessing Enterprise Value Creation


Company is founded by Ruben Melendez and Ana Bermudez to assist technology Service providers in communicating the value of their services to their clients.

Services ROI, the first ROI training oriented program for technology service professionals, is launched in the market.


Solution ROI, a training methodology for assessing and quantifying the ROI of hardware and software solutions, is introduced to the market.

Large IT vendors begin adopting and implementing Solution ROI as part of their sales process in various countries around the world.


WOW Financial Simulation, a board-based supply chain simulation on financial statements is launched, with companies like Johnson Controls and Corning serving as early adopters.


OutSell, a program designed to assess the economic value of Outsourcing initiatives, is introduced to the market.

A partnership agreement to market OutSell is signed with The Outsourcing Institute.


The Economic Value Creation (EVC) Methodology is introduced as the world’s first formal, structured approach for linking technology initiatives to operational and economic value.

Microsoft Corporation acquires rights to use the basic EVC Methodology, and launches it around the world using the moniker REJ (Rapid Economic Justification).  Glomark-Governan trains hundreds of Microsoft employees around the world on the Methodology.


Genius® Pro, the first programming-free business case configuration tool is released, changing the way technology vendors assess and present ROI and value to their clients.


Genius Track, a simple but effective tool for tracking and measuring the ROI of technology projects is launched.


Genius Base, the first tool for rapidly constructing business cases at the point-of-sale, is released in the market.  Some large IT vendors begin deploying thousands of Genius Base licenses to their global sales forces.


Genius Compare is launched to facilitate a new approach for IT executives to compare, rank and prioritize projects.


Genius WebMaker becomes the first programming-free tool to easily and rapidly create web-based ROI calculators. 


Genius Analyzer becomes the first easy-to-use, advanced economic risk analysis tool featuring the Monte Carlo simulation approach.


Governan LLC becomes the new company name, and start doing business as (d.b.a.) Glomark-Governan.


Genius Plus, a tool for experienced sales professionals is introduced, reaching new effective levels of business case assessment.


An EVC benchmarking research practice is launched.

The Global CIO Value Forum seminar series is launched in various cities around the world to assemble CIOs and IT Executives to discuss and share best practices for assessing the economic value of IT.


A new EVC Certification program was added to the EVC Training portfolio, with a modular approach for EVC competence development, including the EVC Foundation, EVC Practitioner, EVC Architect and EVC Master levels.


Version 3 of the EVC Framework was released to ensure projects and solutions are not just effectively justified, but stakeholders are also defined to enable (during implementation) and sustain (after implementation) the economic and strategic value of the initiative and solution.


The PVMP (Project Value Management Professional) certification based on the EVC framework, and VALTICS- a new EVC Cloud-based value management and selling system- are introduced to the market.